Success cases


ORELTECH is a trailblazer in the field of advanced metallization techniques.

Their patented surface coating technology can be utilized across a range of industries, including printed electronics, chemical manufacturing and aerospace/automotive.

Using a breakthrough process it’s now possible to deposit functional metal layers onto almost any surface including paper, fabric and plastics.


COTEC is an independent German family-owned enterprise with its own research and development and specialized manufacturing plants and production lines. InnoEU supported Cotec in its expansion in China.

Elysium Technologies

Elysium offer a new kind of exoskeleton that trains, improves or reactivates human movement.

IAIT & Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

The Fraunhofer IOSB-INA is a leading research institution in the network Intelligent Technical Systems in East Westphalia-Lippe “it’s OWL” and core partner in the Competence Center for the Mittelstand Digital in NRW. In close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences OWL’s Institute for Industrial Information Technology, as well as the other partners that comprise the Centrum Industrial IT. Fraunhofer IOSB-INA is a main contact for intelligent automation and industrial information technology in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region.

IAIT-Institut für Automatisierung und Industrie Technologie GmbH is a Hannover based company which cooperates with Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, Fraunhofer IFF, Deulsche Messe Technology Academy etc for smart manufacturing and digitalization.

InnoEU and Samuel supported IAIT and Fraunhofer ISOB-INA in setting up the Industry 4.0 lab with most advanced smart manufacturing demo line in Huai‘An, China.

Supports including location selection, business development and negotiation, implementation of the lab design, form partnerships etc.

Industry 4.0, AR/VR , build lab, demo line lego car, with many companies